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Hello world!

Born out of a love of spice and a surplus of backyard rhubarb, Zing Tang hot-sauce is designed to give your taste buds a balance of sweet-heat and sour. After a few summers of steady encouragement and enthusiasm from family and friends, local musicians Roy Vizer and Dougal McLean decided to offer Zing Tang hot-sauce to the public in 2015. Blending locally-fared rhubarb with ethically-sourced ingredients Zing Tang hot-sauce has exploded onto the Vancouver Island food scene and can now be found at a grocery store near you. Add to to your salad-dressing, spice up your marinade or make the best Caesar of your life with this healthy and unique hot sauce. Check “Locations” for an up-to-date list of where you can get your hands on some Zing Tang!